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I would like to take this opportunity to officially welcome you to the ranks of “Company D” 2nd Maryland Infantry. I am happy you chose our unit to join! You will find that our group is one of the best in the hobby! We have came a long way in a short time. This, in part, has a lot to do with our group’s teamwork! We are a very tight knit group, much like a family. We work together to help each other-whether you are a new member or a veteran member; everyone is valued in our ranks! This hobby is a constant learning process. Personally, I have been in the hobby since 1985 and I’m still learning new things! The main thing I have learned over the years is to have “fun" doing what we do. I stress that to all our members; always have fun! Remember one thing, you are not alone as you now have the rank and file of Company D behind you to help with anything you need! Below, I have added  links you may find useful. 

Our Uniform and Gear Requirements:

Our Social Media links (we have a pretty large stretch across social media)

And our Online Virtual Library:

We also have 3 webpages: (our main impression) (our secondary impression-this is voluntary) (our umbrella org. that gels everything together)

Please feel free to explore everything we have on our sites. You will be contacted by one of our NCOs shortly to welcome you to your mess(I copied our NCOs to this email). That NCO will help guide you with obtaining your uniform and gear to make sure you get the right items for our impression. We also have some extra loaner items to help until you are able to obtain your own items. 

In closing, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me or anyone in the Company. We are here to help! It’s a team effort! Welcome to the "D" brother!

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Interested in history? Do you like to have fun? Interested in Maryland’s role during the American Civil War? Do you enjoy researching? Are you interested in using research to recreate a Maryland soldier impression? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, we might be the right group for you! The first step is up to you by emailing us! Click here to start!