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Mississippi Rifles in the 2nd Maryland?? 

I have been gathering research of the employment of 1841 Mississippi Rifles in the ranks of 2nd Maryland.  We know that 500 Mississippi rifles were issued to the 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment in 1861.  When the 1st Maryland disbanded; we have evidence that some Mississippi Rifles ended up in 2nd Maryland when the former 1st Marylanders joined the 2nd MD (they brought their rifles with them). Also it was the thought that the other Mississippi rifles collected from 1st Md when it disbanded were reissued to new recruits joining the ranks of the newly formed 2nd Maryland.

BUT....we never had evidence of 2nd Maryland Infantry actually "requesting" Mississippi Rifles for use.

Below is a "Requisition Form" for 2nd Maryland (1st MD Infy Battalion) from acting Ordnance Officer (for the battalion) Lt. Charles Hodges (of Co. B 2nd Maryland Infantry).

"requisition of Ordnance stores for MD Troops stationed near Lacey Springs and ***(un legible)"

(4) Four Saddles

(15) Fifteen Sabres

(5) Five Mississippi Rifles

(1000) Miss Cart (cartridges)

(600) Army Cart (Meaning .44 Colt Army Cartridges-Pistol)

(600) Navy ""     (meaning .36 Colt Navy Cartridges-Pistol)

(2) Saddles *B--- Straps & C--- (Un legible)

"I certify that the above requisition is current and necessary to the service.

Appointed  Charles W. Hodges 1st Lt. and act (acting) Ord Off MD Troops"

buy(?) Genl Commanding 

"Received the above requisition in full this 20th day April 1863 from L. M.r. McA...(Un legible) Ord Off Jones (Gen. Grumble Jones) Brigade (Signed duplicate) Chas W. Hodges 1st Lt act Ord Off MD Troops."

This requisition tells us several things.  Officers of 2nd Maryland (at least staff) had horses. The officers had a mixture of Colt Navy and Colt Army Pistols. It also tells us the Marylanders are even requesting a few extra Mississippi Rifles. Perhaps to be employed as Sergeant rifles? Sharpshooter rifles? or complete ranks of a company that perhaps had all Mississippi rifles employed? Either way, 2nd Maryland Infantry also had 1841 Mississippi Rifles. Notice the actual "check" marks denoting the items requested were actually received.

 Co “D” 2nd MD INF C.S.A. 2014